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Company: Sweet LEDs Co.,Ltd
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·WIFI Controller system Released 2013-6-26 17:42:33
·LED Ultra-Thin Linear Light Released 2012-4-18 11:23:14
·LED R7S Bulbs Released in Oct.2011 2011-10-9 13:52:28
·LED IC LAMPS Released in September 2011-9-26 14:47:42
·LED AC/DC Rechargeable Emergency Released 2011-9-13 20:41:49
·Controllable Color Temperature LED bulbs Released 2010-11-2 5:28:59
·Sweet LEDS Released Remote dimmable LED Panel and T8 light 2010-9-8 1:34:47
·Progressive utility sets the pace and the rate for LED 2010-5-2 19:55:22
·Germany funds 10 LED outdoor lighting projects 2010-5-2 19:55:22
·Progressive utility sets the pace and the rate for LED 2010-4-30 7:55:41
·Intelligent LED drivers combine a constant-current source with sensing and contr... 2010-4-30 7:55:41
·Happy 25th Birthday, CFL! Will there be another 25? 2010-4-26 23:08:11
·Seattle will lead US LED street light consortium for DOE 2010-4-26 23:08:11
·STRATEGICALLY SPEAKING: LCD backlights and lighting drive largest growth yet see... 2010-4-10 0:12:11
·UL Environment to develop lighting sustainability standards 2010-4-10 0:12:11
·LED lamp from GE is not yet available 2010-4-9 7:36:10
·STRATEGICALLY SPEAKING: LCD backlights and lighting drive largest growth yet see... 2010-4-7 0:09:50
·Cree introduces LED modules 2010-4-7 0:09:50
·Daintree Networks gets funding for smart commercial lighting 2010-4-2 18:04:19
·Ten reasons why your business needs LED lighting 2010-4-2 18:04:19
·Daintree Networks gets funding for smart commercial lighting 2010-3-31 22:50:06
·Energy Star update: specs for Lamps and Luminaires 2010-3-31 22:50:06
·Bridgelux and Molex partner on Helieon LED light module and socket 2010-3-28 23:55:15
·Surge in LED demand prompts new chip fab plans 2010-3-28 23:55:15
·Strategies in Light Europe 2010-3-8 2:18:06
·VIDEO: Solutions for LED Thermal Management 2010-3-8 0:42:47
·Osram unveils LED module for street lighting 2010-3-8 0:42:47
·NEMA white paper discusses dimming of LED lamps 2010-3-8 0:42:47
·Instrument Systems buys the Light Measurement Division of X-Rite 2010-3-5 6:38:59
·Analyst questions LED backlight technology but still sees growth market 2010-3-5 6:38:59
·Led by Carl McCall, ex-Mayor David Dinkins and Rev. Al Sharpton, Harlem calls ..... 2010-3-5 4:29:54
·DOE announces webcast, manufacturing R&D workshop 2010-3-1 12:37:39
·News and Announcements from Strategies in Light 2010 2010-3-1 12:37:39
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