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Company: Sweet LEDs Co.,Ltd
Postal Code: 518126
Tel: 86-755-29922605
Cell: 86 15816856687
Fax: 86-755-27492826
  Company Profiles
Sweet LEDS Co., Ltd was founded in 2005. Its  a specialized LED Lighting and LED Video Display producer, researcher and chips designer. Since 2009, this company started in intelligent systems, giving solutions to customersí» requirements.
This has strong development sector with a large experience in solutions, high class attendance, and specialized technical assistance group and high efficiency sales team.
The lemma is "to the consumer, first quality and high trusting", it made products to satisfy the final consumer, giving to ours partners the best products of the world market, resulting in wonderful solutions of lighting.
Sweet LEDS invite you to contact one of our sales members, wherever you are, to join the Sweet LED Family, giving to the world a wonderful future with less carbon dioxide.


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We offer products and services:LED Tube light T5 T8 LED Bulbs LED Spot light LED Grille Light LED Low bay and High Bay Outdoor LED lighting
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